Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tales of Hope: Toothless Shelby

Ten year old Shelby is missing most of her teeth. Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles pulled her from a local shelter where they lovingly tended to her. She was with the rescue for months before she was adopted by Tania and her daughter, Madison, who fell in love with her and brought her home.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome Back! #BTC4A

2013 was a tough year for me and as a result my blogging and social media efforts suffered greatly. One of my favorite projects – Be the Change for Animals – simply did not get the time or attention it deserved. That’s why I am so happy that BTC4Animals co-founder Kim Clune is back in the driver’s seat!

When Kim and Amy founded BTC4Animals way back in 2010, I was so excited about the concept that I blogged about every weekly cause! A year later, I took on a more active role and eventually became a staff writer. And last year when Kim needed a break as team leader, I willingly stepped into a leadership position with fellow team members Kim Thomas and Peggy Frezon.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blog the Change Day is April 15th!

It's that time again! On Tuesday, April 15th, join Team BtC and others who care about animals in need. Write about your favorite animal-related cause, read posts, leave comments, and share!

To Blog the Change:

1.) Grab the badge. Paste the code from‘s sidebar to your blog’s sidebar. This lets folks know you’re taking part and how they can too.

2.) Tell others too! Post this to Facebook and Twitter:

 "APRIL 15: BE, BLOG AND READ THE CHANGE FOR ANIMALS! – Get the badge & spread the word! #BtC4A"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tales of Hope: Gladys Night the FIV+ Cat

Gladys Night was turned in to the shelter at eight years old and FIV+. Best Friends Los Angeles pulled her from the shelter and loved her but it wasn't a home.

For many months she was largely ignored because of the misconceptions of being older, black and FIV+. At an adoption event, Gladys took destiny into her own hands and picked her new owner, Pat. Both couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ASPCA declares April 8 National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

Via PR Web - As part of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month in April, the ASPCA designates April 8 National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to raise awareness of the prevalence of dog fighting in the U.S., reveal little-known truths about the blood sport, and encourage animal lovers nationwide to take action against one of the most brutal forms of animal cruelty.

Despite being a felony in all 50 states, dog fighting continues to be a popular underground activity. Additional criminal activities often connected with dog fighting include drug and weapons violations.

Last year alone, the ASPCA helped take down dog fighting operations in March and August spanning six states and involving more than 500 dogs. The ASPCA continues to tackle the illegal underground world of dog fighting rings through investigations, law enforcement training, legislation, advocacy and rehabilitation of dogs seized during dog fighting raids.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

ASPCA assists in dog fighting bust in Milwaukee, 23 dogs seized

This week, the ASPCA assisted the Milwaukee Police Department and the District Attorney of Milwaukee County with a multi-site dog fighting raid. Law enforcement authorities broke up the dogfighting ring that involved at least 23 dogs and arrested 13 people Thursday in pre-dawn raids across the city.

Eight search warrants were executed at eight crime scenes, where 23 suspected fighting dogs were seized. Investigators also discovered blood on basement walls as well as other evidence of dog fighting, including treadmills, wound treatment supplies and muscle building supplements.

The defendants are accused of breeding and training pit bulls for fighting, or accused of arranging the matches. One suspect hosted competitions in a basement splattered with dog blood and the fresh corpse of a bloody dog was found buried in his backyard, prosecutors said.