Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cathy Keisha

today's spechul twitter pal iz Cathy Keisha - da world's most stunning cat. she iz a former shelter cat who now lives like a queen, but she still haz a 'tude frum da hood! she's also got sharp teeth and claws dat she haz been known to use on da woman - but she haz her pop wrapped around her paw. in fact, she haz most of da boy cats on twitter wrapped around her paw too! CK luvs to pawty and iz well known fur spinnin' grate toons - which definitely makes her a gal after mai own heart. u can follow her on twitter, facebook, and on her bloggy.


  1. That's a nice writeup. I already know Cathy. She's a great cat... Boooooooooitiful too!


  2. For once, I'm speechless. Thanks BJ for thinking of me and writing about me. I guess I don't need to go to Hollywood to find fame! xoxo