Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grouchy Puppy

so by now ur prolly tired of hearing 'bout BlogPaws - rite? well too bad cuz mom met so many cool peeps der she'll prolly be tweetin' bout it till da next conference! she told me dat she wuz sittin' at lunch wif dis nice lady when she looked down and saw her business cards - fur GrouchyPuppy! now mom luvs Grouchy Puppy - she luvs her name (Cleo), she luvs dat she is a German Shephard, and she especially luvs her twitter bio (Give fearlessly, influence positively). wats not to luv? she also had a gud laff when she saw Cleo doin her happy dance in dis video! u can follow Grouchy Puppy on twitter, facebook, and her bloggy.


  1. i love hearing about your mum's blogpaws experience. it's great for those of us who couldn't attend.

  2. We LOVE Grouchy Puppy (but we know she's really Sweet Puppy, not Grouchy at all!)