Monday, April 19, 2010

Shibbering Cheetos Video

Check out da new video by da Shibbering Cheetos, an anipal band dat plays charity events! da Cheetos features @mattiedog as lead singer and band leader, @trailerparkdogs on drums and keyboards, and @brutusthedane on bass guitar. The Cheetoettes are @MissBusyBiz and @no_crybaby_dogs who are assisted by @Niqqi. da head roadie and all around keep 'em in line dude iz @tigerthepup, who iz assisted by intern roadie @thebrindledog. da Shibbering Cheetos are managed by @hankthedoggy,and dey are all protected by sekurity dog Winston of @PushUpsnPaws. rock on dudes and dudettes!


  1. Aren't they a GREAT band. Can't wait until their next performance.

  2. GRRRRREAT band. I love them.... Beautiful video too.... Cheeto orange is one of my favorite colors......