Tuesday, May 11, 2010


today's spechul pal iz @BearBearD, a seven year-old Golden Retriever who haz been described as "a sensitive guy". he wuz rescued 3 years ago and luvs his home, all hoomans, da beach, tennis balls and pizza! he iz a big sweetheart so follow him on twitter and hiz bloggy.


  1. Oh, thank you! He is such a lovely doggy.

  2. That Bear is such a nice doggie and a wonderful pal too.

  3. Bunny - Thank you so much for taking me into your Rabbit Hole! How cool! I am SO honored! Its a little tight in here, but I want to give you a great big Bear Hug. And its rare, but I will also lick your adorable nose. Hope its ok. xoxoxo