Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fergus the Dog

today's spechul pal is @fergusthedog, who plays a furry impawtant role in planning da pawpawties. fergus schedules all da dj's, which iz kinda like herding cats (dogs, rabbits, and other assorted furries). itz not easy to coordinate all dem schedules and puts dem togefur - but fergus haz been doin it and doin it well fur over a year. and dat includes schedulin dj's fur lots of minipawties too! fergus lives in Wisconsin wif hiz mom, two hooman sibs, and hiz furry brofur Arthur da cat. u can follow fergus on twitter, facebook or hiz bloggy.


  1. Aww, thanks Bunny :) I feel very honored to be in your blog.

  2. As a DJ, I really appreciate Fergus! He has made the scheduling simple for us - especially with the time conversions. Thanks! and thanks for you Bunny for recognizing him!

  3. Fergus ROCKS!! He was my pawman with the bootiful ladies at the pawpawty!