Monday, June 28, 2010

Cosmo Havanese

today's spechul furend iz anofur anipal dat i haf know fur az long az i haf been on twitter - @CosmoHavanese. he iz a havanese agility dog and world traveler, who enjoys bone chewing, treat eating, zooming, squirrel chasing, and backyard cat management! mai mom had da pleasure of meeting Cosmo and hiz mom at BlogPaws 2010. And let me tell u he iz quite da ladies man - he wuz busy soaking up all da luvs from da hoomans! mom iz looking forward to seeing both Cosmo and hiz mom at BarkWorldExpo in August. u can follow Cosmo on twitter and facebook.


  1. Oh lucky you - you'll get to meet him in person/errr dog too.

  2. Cosmo iz a kewl doggy, thanks for featuring him BJC!