Friday, June 25, 2010

Informed Ferret

today's spechul pal iz Amy Casner (aka @informedferret). mai mom got to meet Amy at BlogPaws 2010 in April, and da funny fing iz dey really don't lives dat far frum one anofur! Amy iz a freelance writer and pet blogger. she blogs about ferrets, and she iz mom to 2 ferrets - James and Manny. Amy and da boyz are hosting a spechul mini-pawty dis weekend to benefit da Ohio Ferret and Rescue Association. da fun starts on Saturday, June 26 at 6 pm Eastern, and da theme iz Outlaws and Gangters. I hopes u can join us fur da usual fun, fud and moosic - u can rsvp on twtvite!


  1. I just met the Informed Ferrets yesterday at the #NipClub. I'm looking forward to getting to know dem better. Hope I can go to the pawty for a little bit anyway.

  2. We sure like the Informed Ferret, we've recently met!