Friday, August 6, 2010

Barkworld Expo

mom iz so excited cuz Barkworld Expo iz only two weeks away! BW Expo iz a social media event fur pet owners and businesses dat utilize social media. itz also for peeps dat want to learn more about wat pets are doing online and how dey can be a part of dis growing online community. BW Expo takes place in Atlanta, GA frum August 20-22, and der will be lots of grate speakers. mom hopes to meet lots of new peeps and to connect wif her "old" furends too! u can follow BW Expo on twitter and facebook.


  1. That sounds exciting. Do you get to go, too?

  2. i don't likes to travel - so mom will tweet fur me and take lots of pix!

  3. Hi Bunny, just popped in from blog hop. I cannot believe I'm following a rabbit, I've give your relations a hard press over some of my posts, but you seem quite a cool bunny, you might change my mind!
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Hi ya Bunny! Can't wait to meet your mom @ Barkworld, so looking forward to this, should be a great event!!!