Monday, September 6, 2010

Bztat Dialogues Mural

itz less den a week until BlogPaws West, and mom iz reely excited to see her furends. one furend - pet artist Bztat (aka Vicki Boatright) - haz been commissioned to do a Dialogues Mural az part of da conference! a Dialogues Mural iz a public artwork dat she creates at an event wif da help of event participants. participants are encouraged to write down der thoughts, ideas, reflections, drawings, etc. about da event, and den she incorporates dem into a mural using collage techniques. itz a grate way to document da energy, inspiration and dialog of an event and keep it going after it haz concluded. mom iz looking forward to seeing da bewtiful artwork da will result frum dis group of smart, funny, and sumwhat crazy peeps!


  1. Thanks for the explanation Bunny! We didn't know what this was all about now we understand. Can't wait to see your human only a few more days.

    Two Little Cavaliers

  2. She is such an amazing artist!