Tuesday, November 9, 2010

National Shelter Appreciation Week

Did you know that the Humane Society of the United States has named November 7-13 as National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week to honor animal shelters and their dedicated staff across the country? There are approximately 4,000 animal shelters across the US that serve an estimated 6-8 million homeless animals each year. You can help spread the word about animals waiting to be adopted and celebrate the services of animal shelters.

Here are a few ideas: 1) Purchase a "Laugh, Dance, Rescue" t-shirt - proceeds support HSUS shelter services. 2) Donate a subscription to Animal Sheltering magazine to your local shelter. 3) Learn how to help injured or abandoned animals and assist your local shelter. 4) Be an email ambassador - add a shelter-friendly message to all your email. 5) Adopt or foster a shelter animal - find your perfect pet on Petfinder. 6) Say "thank you" to your local shelter by sending them a note or email. 7) Volunteer your time and skills - your shelter can match your talents to their needs. 8) Support spay/neuter programs - help reduce the number of unwanted pets in your community. 9) Donate a dog bed through the Kuranda shelter donation program. These beds can increase the overall physical and mental well-being of shelter dogs. 10) ID your pet - it's the #1 way lost pets are returned to their owners.

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  1. Great tips, BJC! I love the idea of donating the magazine subscription!