Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caplin ROUS

I just found out that one of the twitter anipals crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Caplin ROUS came on twitter in January 2009, the same time I started tweeting. Caplin was a pet capybara who lived with his owner in Texas. Weighing in at 100 lbs, he was a real ROUS (Rodent Of Unusual Size).

Caplin was an ambassador for pet capybaras. He visited many schools to educate children about capybaras, and he was also on television. In addition to being on twitter, Caplin had a website, a facebook profile and fan page, and a YouTube channel of his very own.  He even had a book and a plush Capycopy dedicated to him!

Caplin was a sweet, sensitive soul who lived a life of ease. He spent most of his time sleeping, eating and swimming. Sometimes he would to go out to lunch or run errands with his humans. He got lots of attention wherever he went, and he loved receiving scratches and treats.

Caplin will be greatly missed by his many, many friends - both online and in real life.


  1. I wish I'd met him. :(

    RIP Caplin...

  2. What sad news.

    But what a special and wonderful life Caplin had by the sound of it.

    He was clearly a great animal ambassador who did a lot of good and was surrounded with love.


    I am sorry for your loss.

  3. Iz miss Caplin so muches, him wuz teh sweetest capybara Iz evar knew

  4. Caplin was the first actual rodent pal I met on Twitter and certainly the only one of this size and breed. I just feel so very bad for his human because they did so much together. She has to be absolutely devastated. Such sad news. BJ, this is a very nice write-up. HUGS.

  5. Oh, Bunny...I heard about this too. So sad. I do hope all the anipals were there to greet him OTRB!

  6. if you have a chance, please stop by his facebook profile and leave a message for his human. i know she appreciates da support. xoxo