Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last Minutes With Oden

**Tissue Alert** This is an extremely emotional video of Jason Wood's last moments with his dog Oden, whose struggle with cancer finally came to an end. Those of you who have lost a beloved pet will recognize the heartfelt emotion shown here.

Canine cancer affects one out of every three dogs, and over half of those will die of cancer. Some breeds such as Golden Retrievers are hit even harder with up to 75% dying of cancer. For more information on canine cancer and what you can do to help, please visit the National Canine Cancer Foundation.


  1. BunnyJean this iz so sad but Iz glad you posted it

  2. Very sad BJ, but worth watching. I was surprised to learn dat Golden Retriever's have a high rate of cancer.

  3. Mario & Pandy - fanks for your comments. da video did make mom very sad too, but she thought it was worth sharing. she was also very surprised to learn about da high rate of canine cancer. xoxo

  4. Hi Bunny Jean,

    I am not allowed to let the human watch this - she was born with too many tears - hasn't seen a movie in years - she waits outside in the lobby due to this problem. Was this your dog? I love Golden Retrievers! They are so sweet. Mama's brother has a lovely companion retriever.

    Thanks for your newsletters and your bloggie and most importantly - your friendship!


  5. hai Hunky - no it's not our dog. it's a video mom saw on facebook. it's about a man whose dog was his primary source of support when he was going through some very tough times and now he has to put da dog down. she wanted to share it because it shows just how important pets can be in our lives. xoxo

  6. Oh Bunny, this is heart-breaking.

    My Aunt Linda just had to send my good friend Lex the Cat over the rainbow bridge two days ago. We were all so sad because he was a terrierific cat!

    I do hope that Oden will wait for his owner at the bridge and that one day, they can be reunited once again.
    XXX Oz

  7. Oz - it's always hard to say goodbye to a friend, but your Aunt Linda will always have good memories of Lex. fanks for sharing! xoxo

  8. This was heartbreaking, but beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. fanks Pip - mom is never quite sure if she should put something so emotional on my bloggy. it's hard for people who have lost a pet to watch a video like this, but she felt the message was worth sharing. xoxo