Monday, March 28, 2011

Pet Poison Prevention Month

You may already be aware that March is Pet Poison Prevention Month. Like me, you may have seen lots of blog posts, facebook notes, and tweets about it. You may have read them and shared or re-tweeted them, each time thinking "yes, I already know this stuff".

That was me too until this past Sunday. Then I read a facebook update that caused my heart to sink. My oldest niece Jade posted that her dog Charlie grabbed a bottle of ibuprofen off the counter and ingested approximately 20 tablets. That's a level of toxicity that can cause renal failure.

Now Jade is not some careless kid. She is a responsible pet parent who takes good care of her animals. But she accidentally left the bottle where Charlie could reach it, and Charlie, being a puppy who loves to chew, took advantage of the situation.

Now Charlie is at the veterinary hospital, and we are anxiously waiting to hear if there is kidney damage.

So please, I implore you - read this post. Then check to make sure your medications, cleaning products, chemicals, plants, and even certain foods are out of reach. And say a prayer for Charlie.


  1. Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear this. Sending warm healing thoughts for Charlie.

  2. Oh WOW- I so sorry to hear bout the puppy. I did not know it was pet poison month, but M makes sure I can't get into anything around here. I'm pretty good too about not being too snoopy or nosy.

  3. Iz purring hard for Charlie, this iz a vary ipawtant subject to remind efurryone abowt but Iz feel bad it haz to be cuz of a sweet puppy.

  4. we are praying and purring for Charlie. OMG the poor baby. It could happen to any of our only takes a fleeting moment. I pray Charlie will be ok.

    I had a post last week about plant hazards and ironically I have Trupanion Pet Insurance as a guest blogger tomorrow and the blog they sent to me is about this exact same topic. Hope you will stop by tomorrow and check it out.

    Praying for Charlie xoxo

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts and purrs. As of 7pm tonight, Charlie's kidney counts have dropped (that's a good thing). The vet will continue to hold her to make sure all GI concerns are under control. xoxo

  6. We are saying a prayer for Charlie. Good to hear that his kidney values are dropping, I hope all continues to go well.

  7. Status update: thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts - Charlie is coming home today!