Saturday, June 25, 2011

Films Illuminate Human-Animal Relationships

via - In the past few years films focusing on animals have dramatically shifted their focus from nature oriented to an examination of the changing relationship between humans and animals. They represent a growing awareness that our treatment of animals and attitudes towards them are evolving into a more healthy respect for life in general.

Several recent documentaries such as The Cove have dramatically exposed the dark side of human relations with the animal world. Now three films in release or rolling out offer compelling stories of hope and positive developments in the way in which humans treat other animals. Buck, the story of Buck Brannaman the true horse-whisperer, Project Nim about a chimpanzee who was raised as a human, and One Lucky Elephant which has it's LA premiere this weekend.

The film received critical acclaim on the festival circuit and standing ovations this month at screenings in New York City. The journey of Flora and the filmmakers is both heartbreaking and uplifting, an affirmation of love and it's power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

written by Jerry Cope
photo by Laura Bittner via flickr


  1. Did you see the movie Like Water for Elephants? It was wonderful and had a great elephant in it, too.

    I'm dropping by the pet blog hop today - stop by to see the gorilla at the Calgary Zoo enjoying a little fun:

    Please leave a comment back today - I'd appreciate it!

  2. Hi Cherie - thanks for stopping by. I have not seen Like Water for Elephants. I've heard it was wonderful, but unfortunately the elephant in the movie was subjected to inhumane treatment by the supplier. You can read more about it at

  3. The study of human-animal relationships historically has been ignored and continues to resist attention. Only in small part is
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