Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Judge Upholds Ruling, "Gothic" Kittens Violate PA Cruelty Law

via - A Pennsylvania appeals court has upheld the animal cruelty conviction of a woman who pierced kittens' ears, necks and tails to make them into "gothic cats" she planned to sell on eBay.

Although piercing is not explicitly outlawed, such treatment of animals clearly constitutes torture and infliction of intense pain prohibited by the state's animal cruelty law, the Superior Court found according to an opinion handed down Tuesday.

According to the opinion, Holly Crawford, a dog groomer from Sweet Valley, Luzerne County, advertised the kittens for sale on the Internet auction web site eBay for $100 with barbell earrings, "submission rings" through the scruff of their necks and tails that had been cut off and pierced at the stump.

After an investigator for an animal welfare group saw the kittens, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals obtained a search warrant, seized the kittens in 2008 and took them to a veterinarian for examination. Crawford was charged and convicted by a jury of cruelty to animals.

written by Peter Hall, The Morning Call
Photo by Don Carey, The Times Leader


  1. OMG - Thank Cat the judge stopped that. Terrible. How horrible can you be to a defenseless kitten. Some oomans just don't have a brain in their head.

  2. VERY glad that common sense won out!

  3. OMC! What a horrible thing to do to a cat. Where do people get their nerve, let alone their brains from?

  4. I'm very much into peircings i have 17 and am only 18 years old however, i find this diguestingly cruel! I've been a vegetarian for about four years now and my love for animals is insane. I wish people would relize animals are alive just like PEOPLE without speech. What a sad sickening world we live in. UBELIEVEABLY cruel!