Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wabbit Wednesday - Fuzzy Wuzzy

This week's featured rabbit is Fuzzy Wuzzy - a 14 week old white male Lionhead available for adoption from the Western PA Humane Society.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is THE most adorable bunny...ever! Unfortunately, his previous owner won him in a fair game and had no idea how to care for him properly.

When he was surrendered, Fuzzy was underweight, never had hay (an essential part of his diet), was given cat litter and cedar bedding (both hazardous to his health) and wasn't fed proper greens .

He has come a long way since arriving at the shelter just over a week ago.  He is super affectionate and is quickly getting up to a healthy weight.

Because Fuzzy Wuzzy is so young, he is not able to be neutered until 6 months old. His adopter would need to take him home on a codicil contract with a deposit that will be refunded at the time of neuter.

If you have room in your heart and your home for this handsome little guy, contact Western PA Humane Society or visit to find an adoptable rabbit near you!

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