Friday, January 20, 2012

Pilots N Paws Flies Homeless Animals to New Lives

Via - Mornings come all too early for Debi Boies. She’s up at the crack of dawn caring for her three Morgan horses, three dogs and a cat. It was her incredible love and concern for the welfare of animals that led her to embark upon her journey into the world of animal rescue in the form of Pilots N Paws, a non-profit organization that is currently soaring high.

Pilots N Paws was born out of Boies own experience with animal rescue; shortly after the death of her beloved Doberman named Carly in 2007, Debi learned about Brock, a Doberman being used as a bait dog in the fighting ring whom she desperately wanted save. But the long distance between them complicated the rescue. It was then her friend Jon Wehrenberg, a recreational pilot, offered to fly her down to Florida to bring him home.

“I was flabbergasted and in awe that anyone would make such a generous offer,” Boies said. “But I soon learned that recreational pilots are as passionate about flying as animal people are about rescuing pets. Since pilots are always looking for reasons to fly, introducing them to animal rescuers seemed like a perfect match.”

Pilots N Paws’ mission is saving the lives of animals that might otherwise be euthanized by transporting them from overcrowded shelters to participating foster and adoptive homes that are ready and eager to take them in. Their interactive website gives those involved a common place to share all vital information such as arranging and scheduling flights and any overnight care for rescued animals which may be needed.

Passion abounds at Pilots N Paws. All pilots involved in the program are nuts about flying; these are avid animal lovers who donate both their flying time and planes. And since a mandated number of hours must be flown to maintain their licenses; it is an incredible win-win situation for all concerned. Today there are 2,529 pilots registered on PNP, with a goal of 10,000 pilots participating in the future.

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Written by Jo Singer


  1. What a fantastic program! I also love the Operation Rodger program where long-distance truck drivers deliver homeless pets to their new homes. Both programs are genius.

    1. Yes - it makes perfect sense to use these methods to move animals from full shelters to areas where they can be placed in foster or forever homes.

  2. I read about this - so encouraging that Pet Savers are going to such lengths to help pets who need it!

  3. I love this program! They are doing so much good.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments - it's wonderful to see to passionate groups (animal lovers and recreational pilots) working together for a common cause!