Monday, April 23, 2012

The Scoop on Dog Poop

Today's post is dedicated to Amy Burkert at, who always says, "There is no poop fairy!"

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Via - America’s canine population dumps enough poop each year to fill 267,500 fully loaded tractor trailers stretching from Seattle to Boston, says Jacob D'Aniello, co-founder and CEO of DoodyCalls, a Virginia-based waste-management company that specializes in picking it up.

"The longer dog waste stays on the ground, the more it washes into the water and the environment," he told the NY Daily News in an Earth Day message.

Nationwide, the average dog population is 37 percent of the human population, or about one dog for every three people. America’s mania for canine companionship is job security for DoodyCalls, which currently has 55 franchises in 22 states and collected $4.5 million worth of the mess man’s best friends left behind last year.

In an informative Earth Day poster designed to urge Americans to pick up after their own pooches or consider a service to make sure it is done expediently, D’Aniello informs us that there are currently an estimated 78.2 million dogs living in the U.S. and depositing collectively about 30,000 tons of poop every day.

DoodyCalls recommends that we do our share for the environment and for public health not just on Earth Day, but all year long by picking up after your pet immediately or, if you don't have time, consider hiring a local pet-waste management service.

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Written by Phyllis M. Daugherty


  1. HAH! I wrote about cat pooper scoopers yesterday for Earth Day. Maybe we should require dog owners to put diapers on their dogs so they can't make a mess. Oh, wait, that's big government.

  2. BOL! That is alot of Poop.
    Could you be a follower of my blog,as I have yours? Thanks!

  3. There is every indication that the number of dogs will keep increasing. Let's hope the number of responsible people keeps up with it.

  4. LOL! I'm honored to have a post on dog poop dedicated to me - thanks, Vicki! Abandoned dog poop is the primary reason parks and other attractions decide not to welcome dogs. If we'd all accept responsibility for picking up after our pets EVERY TIME, there would be a lot more places our dogs could go with us!

    1. Amy - somehow I knew you would appreciate this post! ;-)

  5. I think the biggest shock to me is that even people that take their dogs to dog parks won't pick up after their dogs! I mean - come on! I usually see just one or two dedicated people that go around picking up pile after pile after pile of waste while the oblivious owners sit there playing with their phones, talking into their phones or just plain old not paying attention. I get that it's a little humiliating to pick up after a dog, especially if you are on a walk or hike and there are no nearby trash cans so you have to carry the little offering for a while. But it's just called being a great dog owner. Don't be so selfish and self-centered as to leave your dog's droppings for others to step on, look at and contaminate the ground!