Monday, May 28, 2012

Adopt a Retired Military Working Dog

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Lackland AFB
Via MarketWatch - As we pay tribute to our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, let's not forget to honor the war dogs who fought for our country - and who need a home after serving abroad.

"With Memorial Day upon us it's a great time to reflect on the men and women who have served our country to give us the freedoms we enjoy, but this year take a little extra time to remember the war dogs who have been instrumental in saving countless lives and making a lasting impact on the handlers they worked with," said Jason Macek, a Marine Corps veteran and contributor to The Dog Training Secret.

"In honor of all of our fallen war dogs, we will donate $500 to the Military Working Dogs Organization, which goes to great lengths to help retiring dogs find their forever homes. We would encourage you to support their cause as well," he said.

In 2000, Congress approved adoptions for war dogs by civilians. Since that time many war dogs have gone to wonderful and loving forever homes.

Once a dog is declared "excess" after their active duty time is up they can be put up for adoption. Prior to this they are given a complete medical screening and assessment of temperament to make sure the dogs are suited for a civilian home. Potential owners are also screened to make sure they can handle one of these highly trained war dogs.

About 300 of these dogs are put up for adoption each year, but recently the number of interested adopting parties has dramatically increased. There is no fee for adopting one of these heroes, but adopting families are responsible for travel (which can be up to $2,000 depending on if the dog is located overseas).

Find out more about adopting a Military Working Dog.


  1. so glad the military is allowing these soldiers to be adopted now instead of being murdered when their tour of duty is over.

  2. Wonderful post and I like the idea of help these soldiers bet adopted - they have served their time and deserved a life of naps and chasing balls.

  3. You would think if the dog was taken overseas they would bring them back. Our society uses and destroys to many animals. Our government trains them uses them and discards them it is so sad. This is a baby step for these dogs and it is about time the government see's they can be adoptable dogs.

  4. Great post.

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