Monday, May 14, 2012

Rabbit Rescue Helps Bunnies Find Forever Homes

Pittsburgh is blessed to have three wonderful animal shelters – Animal Friends, Animal Rescue League, and Western PA Humane Society. And each shelter has beautiful, adoptable bunnies waiting to find their forever homes.

In addition to these shelters, Pittsburgh also has a rescue group called Rabbit Wranglers. The mission of Rabbit Wranglers is to help abused, neglected and abandoned rabbits and educate the public to improve the lives of these companion animals.

Rabbit Wranglers works with animal shelters and aids these facilities with humane rescues. The organization also assists shelters by taking in those rabbits with more challenging behaviors that prevent their adoption, those requiring medical or palliative care beyond what the shelter is able to provide, or those who would otherwise be euthanized due to shelter overcrowding.

Rabbit Wranglers spays/neuters all of its rabbits and provides any medical care needed. Rabbits with health issues preventing adoption remain with Rabbit Wranglers until the health issues are resolved. In those instances where palliative or hospice care is required, Rabbit Wranglers provides life-long, loving, and humane care for the rabbit.

Rabbits suitable for adoption are transferred to an area shelter if space is available. Otherwise, they are placed in foster homes where they are socialized and litter-trained. Throughout their foster care placement, the organization works to find them permanent homes as house rabbits. Adoptions occur through the Rabbit Wranglers’ website, other online resources, and at adoption events.

Rabbit Wranglers works to improve rabbits’ lives and reduce the number of discarded rabbits by educating the general public about proper rabbit care and health. The goal of education is to assist people in becoming better equipped to care for their own rabbits, as well as making informed decisions as to whether a rabbit is the right companion animal for their families.

For more information on Rabbit Wranglers, visit their website at or “like” their Facebook page.

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  1. What a great organisation - nice to see organisations like this caring for rabbits - as they are just as equal as cats and dogs.