Thursday, May 24, 2012

Register Your Pet with Mutt-i-grees for a Chance to Win $2,500

Via PRNewswire - Two lucky adopters have the chance to win a prize totaling $5,000 in the North Shore Animal League America National Mutt-i-grees Registry Adopter Sweepstakes, sponsored by Purina One. Adopters simply have to enter the name of their pets online through the Mutt-i-grees Registry, and one lucky cat adopter and one lucky dog adopter will each win $2,500.

Every name entered into the registry will become an instant member of the exclusive National Mutt-i-grees Registry of people who have saved a pet's life and will also receive a certificate of their membership to display proudly. Each name will also be published on the Animal League website.

The term Mutt-i-grees includes all shelter pets – purebreds and mixed breeds; puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. In 2009, the Animal League created the Mutt-i-grees Movement to give a voice to the millions of shelter animals in the United States and to change the way cat- and dog-loving Americans perceive shelters pets and ultimately save the precious lives of countless animals. The National Mutt-i-grees Registry was created as part of the Movement as a place for adopters to tell their stories and share their love of their Mutt-i-grees.

"Roughly 8-10 million animals enter shelters each year, and most are healthy, affectionate and beautiful. Those who chose to adopt a Mutt-i-gree have saved one of those lives," said John Stevenson, President of North Shore Animal League America. He added, "Pet lovers are incredibly proud of their Mutt-i-grees, and we at the Animal League created a forum where they can join together communicating, sharing ideas, and celebrating their name choices."

The Animal League has saved more than one million lives. Their innovative programs provide education to reduce animal cruelty, and advance standards in animal welfare. Their staff and volunteers work tirelessly in the pursuit of their vision of a world where all companion animals find permanent homes to end euthanasia. For more information, visit

The Mutt-i-grees Movement generates awareness of the plight of shelter animals, elevates their status and reduces animal cruelty through education and innovative programs. An estimated 8-10 million dogs and cats enter U.S. shelters annually, and tragically, over 4 million of these wonderful animals are destroyed. Millions of lives could be saved when potential pet parents make the simple choice to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group, instead of purchasing a pet from a pet store. Become part of the Mutt-i-grees Movement by adopting a pet today. When you adopt a pet, you save a life and help reduce animal cruelty. Learn more at


  1. What an interesting contest. I like that they are promoting pet adoption and the fact that both mixed-breed and pure breed dogs, come into and get adopted from, shelters.

    Gonna go enter now. Thanks Vicki!

  2. Well, it's already flawed. No Sheltie's listed from the drop down list at all. :(

    1. Wow - that seems like a pretty big miss. Did you contact the Animal League to let them know?