Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Video Friday: Barron & Bristol's Big Day

I wanted to share this terrific video from Dog House Adoptions. Amy and Rod Burkert of sponsored the spays and neuters of the DHA dogs for June 2012. Amy spent a day performing hands-on transport duty. 

While Bristol was sponsored by Kate O'Hara and the "Friends of Bristol," Amy and Rod provided a spay or neuter for the remaining DHA dogs, also allowing for the next dog they bring in. With seven dogs waiting in the wings to enter the adoption program, this opening is much needed and greatly appreciated.

For more information on how you can help sponsor a dog, visit


  1. Thanks so much for sharing our video, Vicki. It was such a joy to spend the day with Barron and Bristol and now that their procedures are taken care of, I'm hoping they can find happy forever homes soon.

    1. Amy - I think it's wonderful that you and Rod sponsored the DHA dogs for June. Let's hope they all find loving forever homes!