Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Greenies Awards Celebrate Exuberant Pet Moments

Via - The GREENIES Brand team is excited to announce the inaugural year of The GREENIES Awards, an online video contest where participants compete for a chance to win a lifetime supply of GREENIES chews or treats for their pets. From June 13-29 on Facebook, anyone over the age of 21 can submit an original video of the creative things their pet will do for a GREENIES treat.

The contest is simple: upload a video of a pet asking for a GREENIES treat. Cats and dogs are both eligible to be chosen as the winner of Best Vocal Performance for a GREENIES treat, Best Trick for a GREENIES treat or Best Smile for a GREENIES treat. The lifetime supply of treats is available to the winner in each category.

"This is an excellent chance to celebrate those magic, everyday moments that make being a pet parent so special," said Tim Blankenbaker, Senior Brand Manager for The GREENIES Brand. "The exuberance pets show when they're about to get their favorite treat is something any pet parent can relate to."

Pet owners can enter the contest from June 13-29. After the video upload period is complete, an independent, qualified panel of judges will pick five finalists in each category. The finalists in each category will then be scored by a combination of votes from the official judges and GREENIES Brand Facebook fans. The finalists who receive the highest combined score will be deemed the Grand Prize Winners.

A GREENIES treat must appear in each entry video in order to be eligible, and videos should be less than one minute in length. Copyrighted material such as music or brand logos is prohibited. All aspects of the contest - submissions and voting - will take place on

"The GREENIES Brand prides itself on being a healthy part of a cat or dog's lifestyle, whether by promoting a clean, healthy smile or helping a dog maintain joint mobility," Blankenbaker continued. "We find the perfect balance between what pets enjoy and what they need to stay healthy."

To find detailed submission instructions and information about how to keep your pet healthy and happy, click on the Awards tab on The GREENIES Brand page on Facebook.

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