Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Purina Celebrates Small Animal Awareness Month

Via MarketWatch.com - To honor the small animals that make a big impact in the life of a family, Purina Mills is celebrating the first Small Animals Awareness Month throughout June.

Small animal owners are invited to honor their special family members by sharing their favorite stories and photos via Purina Small Animals on Facebook. This month will present an opportunity for small animal lovers everywhere to let Purina know what makes their animal so special, discuss with other pet owners and get care and management tips from Purina experts.

As a special thank you from June 4 through June 30, consumers will also receive a $2 off coupon for any Purina Small Animals Garden Recipe food.

"Purina loves animals of all sizes, but for the month of June we're taking special notice of the littlest family members - gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice," said Gabriela Bonadonna, Senior Marketing Manager for Purina Mills. "Small pets can bring such joy to children, helping to teach them responsibility, providing comfort and becoming an amusing companion. We are excited to take this month to celebrate the contributions of our furry friends."

The Purina Small Animals Awareness Month coupons will be available to all new friends on Purina Small Animals Facebook page. Coupons for Purina Small Animals Garden Recipe food can be redeemed at more than 1,100 PetSmart stores across the nation.

Purina Small Animals food are specially formulated diets that allow small animals to enjoy wholesome ingredients, like seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits, fortified with the proper nutrients essential to fuel their energy and support their good health. Food includes Purina Garden Recipe Rabbit Diet in 4 lbs.; Purina Garden Recipe Rat and Mouse Diet in 4 lbs.; Purina Garden Recipe Guinea Pig Diet in 4 lbs.; and Purina Garden Recipe Gerbil and Hamster Diet in 2 lbs.

For small animals care tips and additional product information or to find Purina Garden Recipe food and Purina Small Animals treats at the nearest PetSmart, visit www.purinasmallanimal.com .

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