Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog the Change Day

Today is Blog the Change Day, the day when bloggers and blog readers come together to support people helping animals in need.

This month, Team BtC is asking you to help publicize Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue, a special online global event to be held on July 23 stressing the importance of dog adoption. is proud to partner with Blog Catalog, Dog Rescue Success and YOU to harness a global online community to help save the lives of dogs in need.

Every year, millions of homeless dogs are euthanized because not enough people adopt dogs through local rescue groups and shelters.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, only about 20 percent of dogs in homes come from shelters—the rest come from other sources. Many people purchase from pet stores not knowing that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

Yet it would only take a relatively small increase in the adoption rate along with a modest reduction in the birth rate to go a long way toward solving the problem of euthanizing healthy and treatable dogs in many communities.

Local dog rescue organizations consist of volunteers who help by fostering dogs in their own homes while they search for permanent placement. As their own resources permit, these groups work with local animal shelters in an effort to place adoptable dogs that are scheduled for euthanasia.

But the sad fact is that many dogs do die every day before they find a forever home. Consumers can literally save a dog’s life simply by choosing adoption over a pet store or breeder purchase.

We all have the ability to make a difference in the world by taking action. Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue participants have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of dogs in need!

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  1. What a great post! I always try my best to encourage dog adoption and purchase from reliable breeders, and try to steer people clear of pet stores. Thanks for letting people know about the upcoming event. :-)

  2. I mentioned dogs once in my post about fostering and they're in the video. HAH!

  3. Thanks so much for Blogging the Change, Vicki, by spreading the word about the July 23rd dog rescue event. With folks like you promoting this special day, it's sure to be a success! So glad you're on Team BTC!

    Kim Clune

  4. So great to see everyone coming together for this! See you on the 23rd!

    Hugs and Slobbery Kisses -
    Doreen and The Gang @DoggiesandStuff

  5. Great Post! Am excited for the 23rd!

  6. Yay for spreading the word! (With those two cute puppies in the graphic, how could anyone resist?)


  7. Thanks for making the point that most people don't know that a pet shop puppy is a puppy mill product. Makes me sad to think that people still don't know.

    Glad to SEE all your awards in your sidebar. I'm such a newbie, what are we all doing on July 23rd. Send clues to Deborah at Dog Leader Mysteries. Thanks.

  8. Great post Vicki! I love your blog and look forward to following you. I would love to talk with you about your nonprofit work.

  9. Super article, adopt before you shop. There so many great rescues out there needing a forever home, for they do make great pets.

  10. Vicki, you wrote about this cause so well. even thou' this event was a few Sundays ago, I took the liberty to pass on your link with a quote of yours at the top. Hope that is ok.Malika the No Non-cents Nanna