Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Babies!

Tomorrow will be one year since Sugar had her babies - four precious kittens: one calico girl, one ginger boy and two white boys. I spent the next five months watching them, raising them and loving them to bits.

Callie (the female) and Travis (the ginger boy) left for their forever homes on October 31. Albus and Fluff left for their forever home (they were adopted together) on December 31.

This video is dedicated to them - Happy Birthday Babies!


  1. How adorable is this!! Love it! Love happy endings.

  2. So sweet! It is such a precious gift to raise a family of kittens with a Mama cat. My time with Zoey and her babies is something I will never forget. Thank you for sharing and Happy Birthday to Calie, Travis, Albus, and Fluff!

  3. Happy birthday babies--we feel like we know you! And most of all, congratulations to Sugar on a beautiful litter of kittens, and for choosing the right human!

    And Vicki, for taking in Sugar and fostering her litter and adopting her. It's a big day!

  4. YAY! One whole year! I loooove birfdays!