Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lennox Destroyed After 2-year Legal Battle

Today is a very sad day for animal lovers around the world. Rest in Peace Lennox. 

Via Washington Post - A pug-nosed Belfast dog named Lennox, who inspired a two-year legal fight and animal-rights protests on both sides of the Atlantic, has been put to sleep by city officials.

Belfast City Council confirmed the 7-year-old dog was put down Wednesday after a deadline for legal appeals expired.

Dog wardens deemed the pit bull-type dog to be a public danger and seized him from his owners in April 2010. Northern Ireland’s senior appeals court last month upheld two 2011 court rulings that Lennox should be put down.

His owners argued that Lennox was not even a pit bull, never attacked anyone and could be resettled outside Northern Ireland rather than killed. An online “Save Lennox” petition and social media campaign spurred protests in Belfast and New York seeking his freedom.

Image via Save Lennox


  1. Can you imagine anything more devastating or more totally ridiculous?! We are horrified!

  2. Amazing that people are that stupid. Especially since there was no evidence Lennox was agressive. Just as areas around the US are beginning to understand the stupids of BSL, this sets the whole process backwards. Safe journey to the Bridge Lennox - we are sorry your family didn't get to kiss you goodbye.

  3. Shame on Belfast CC. They now have blood on their hands and this war has just begun. RIP Lennox.

  4. This is a heartbreaking and dangerous decision. Cathy Keisha already said it, but shame on Belfast CC.

  5. that has to be the most disgraceful thing to happen

  6. Killing is not problem solving! How stupid are you, Belfast? I vow to never step foot or spend one penny in your city.

  7. Did you see the post today on FB from a pit bull in Florida saying he's not changing his avatar to "I'm Lennox"? He said it's because the pit bulls who are in happy, loving homes AREN'T Lennox - the ones who live in parts of the U.S. that have breed specific laws are. And that we should be working toward changing those laws.

    Interesting POV.