Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Banfield Pet Hospital & Victoria Stillwell are staging an inFURvention

Calling all cat owners: is a trip to the veterinarian a constant cat-fight? Do you sometimes find yourself avoiding routine visits to dodge a cat-tastrophe? Is “stressful” a term you use to describe the process of getting your cat out of the house and into the veterinarian’s office? If so, Banfield Pet Hospital and Animal Planet’s Victoria Stilwell want to hear from you.

Banfield Pet Hospital, the world’s largest veterinary practice, and Victoria Stilwell are staging an inFURvention to help combat pet owners’ difficulties of getting their cat into a carrier while raising awareness of the importance of regular veterinary visits for cats. Banfield and Stilwell are asking cat owners nationwide to upload videos of their real-life struggles and attempts to get their cat into a carrier for a chance to win a year’s worth of free preventive veterinary care and a special at-home visit and training consultation from Animal Planet’s famed pet trainer, Victoria Stilwell.

Of the 86 million felines living as pets in the U.S., an astonishing one-third of pet owners will skip a trip to the veterinarian to avoid the hassle – yet missing a veterinarian visit could actually cause more harm to the pet. Cats rarely exhibit signs of sickness or disease even when a problem exists; therefore, routine veterinarian visits are essential to protecting pets from life-threatening illnesses.

“There is no doubt that cats can be finicky when it comes to travel; however, there are easy tips and tricks pet owners can use to ensure a smooth road ahead,” said Stilwell. “Pet owners don’t have to be a professional in order to train their cats to get into the carrier. All it takes is some practice and simple changes in behavior and cat-fights will soon be a thing of the past!”

From now through Friday August, 17, pet owners are invited to upload their cat videos to, with the tag #inFURvention to be considered in need of an inFURvention from Stilwell.

One pet owner and inFURvention video will be chosen to win a year’s worth of free preventive veterinary care from Banfield and a special at-home visit with Victoria Stilwell who will give professional insight into the best tips and tricks to getting your cat out of the house and into the veterinarian’s office.

“One of the biggest barriers to cats receiving veterinary care is actually getting them to the hospital,” said Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, chief medical officer for Banfield Pet Hospital. “Through inFURvention, we hope to educate pet owners about the importance of routine veterinary visits, and let them know it doesn’t have to be a fight to get their cat to the vet.”

For a full list of tips and tricks to overcoming cat resistance, visit Banfield Pet Hospital online at


  1. Believe me, there's no time to reach for the camera when they're trying to get me into the PTU. Believe it or not, of all the cats TW & Gramma have had, those who DIDN'T make yearly V-e-t trips lived on average TWICE as long as those who did. Stress causes lots of sickies.

  2. What they REALLY need to see is the three vet tech's all wearing those armpit high protective glove trying to "handle" me in the examination room. Now THAT would make a video.

    ; ) Katie

  3. What would make a respected trainer partner up with a sleazy op like Banfield? Commission-based vets don't make for good medical care.

  4. Hey that's nice to know... Thanks for sharing