Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dogfighting Rescue Coalition Assists with Rehabilitation and Rehoming of Rescued Dogs

On August 3, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) assisted authorities in investigations and raids on two separate suspected dogfighting operations in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement led the raids, which resulted in the arrest of two alleged dogfighters and the seizure of 46 dogs, some with scarring consistent with dogfighting.

It is the HSUS’s policy that all dogs seized from animal fighting operations be treated as individuals. Professionals individually evaluated all of the dogs rescued from this operation for potential placement with HSUS's Dogfighting Rescue Coalition placement partners.

The Dogfighting Rescue Coalition (DRC) is a national network of animal shelters and rescue groups dedicated to giving every dog rescued from dogfighting operations a chance at a new life. After a dogfighting bust, DRC members take in the abused canine victims, work with them, and ultimately place them into loving homes.

With the help of the DRC, the success rate at finding homes for dogs rescued from fighting operations has been phenomenal. Despite their trauma and abuse, many dogs have gone on to become Certified Therapy Dogs, service dogs for wounded veterans, and Canine Good Citizen certificate recipients.

Most importantly, each one goes on to become a wonderful and loyal family pet. Their stories are a testament to the incredible potential inside every dog.

If you'd like to be part of the national mission to save dogfighting victims, please contact DBalawejder@humanesociety.org.

Source: www.humanesociety.org


  1. This makes me ill. Dogs have been our loving and faithful friends for thousands of years. They have kept us safe and warm and kept the fear of the dark and lonliness at bay. They love us so much and are so sweet. Who could do this to any animal, much less a creature that would give up their own life and freedom to protect it's family and companions? I hope and pray that these dogs find happy homes. God have mercy on them. As for the humans who did this... I cant even say.

  2. We have been involved with seizures of alleged dogfights at our shelter. And the volunteers can't talk about it, are told to be careful who they talk to and who comes into the shelter after these poor dogs are seized. Until the legal stuff is all over. And then...we get the joy of rehoming them. And HSUS' policy of treating them as individuals - is exactly right. Kudos to DRC for the work they do - it's not easy, and most folks don't even know about the whole legal entanglements they have to deal with, too!