Monday, August 6, 2012

Master Magician Creates iCat Magic

Via Mashable - See what happens when a master magician plays a few magic tricks on two seven-month-old Maine Coon cats. The elegant prestidigitation is courtesy of Simon Pierro, an ace magician who does all kinds of tricks, but lately has concentrated on spectacular illusions with the iPad.

Creating this video was not as easy as it looks, especially given the distractibility of cats, particularly young ones. In this case, Simon told us because “the cats are still young, they want to play 24/7.” One of the cats “turned out to be very clever,” says Simon. “The moment he realized that the ‘real’ mouse came from under the iPad, he didn’t care about the digital alter-ego anymore. The moment he saw the mouse on the iPad he jumped along and caught the mouse from under there, destroying my setup.”

Written by Charlie White