Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deaf Pet Awareness Week: September 23-29

Did you know that the last full week of September (Sunday – Saturday) is Deaf Pet Awareness Week? And since today is also the last day of Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week, it's the perfect time to give these special animals a shout-out!

Petfinder celebrates Deaf Pet Awareness Week by showcasing some of the many homeless pets on its site that are available, adoptable and deaf.

Deaf animals, like other special needs pets, make wonderful furry family members. Their deafness in no way reduces their potential to bring joy to your life and become a loving companion for your family.

Deaf pets are just as intelligent as hearing pets. They make great only pets or do well with other animals in the home. Deaf animals bark, meow and make all the regular sounds their hearing counterparts make. They can be taught sign language commands and are fully trainable.

The only real caveat in adopting a deaf pet is that it should never be allowed to roam freely outdoors unless it is in a securely fenced enclosure, since they cannot hear cars or other dangers approaching.

Deafness in animals can be congenital (inherited from birth) or acquired through trauma, drug reactions, or old age. Deafness is more common in white animals, though any animal can be deaf. Some breeds are more prone to deafness than others. Thirty percent of all Dalmatians born are either unilaterally deaf (one ear) or bilaterally deaf (both ears).

Some deaf animals also have albinism, meaning that they lack normal melanin pigment in their eyes, nose, or skin, though not every albino animal is deaf. Deafness is also sometimes accompanied by other medical issues such as blindness or low vision.

The dogs and cats on the Petfinder Deaf Pet Awareness Week page are just a few of the adorable, adoptable and deaf pets available. To see more, do an Advanced Search and check the box marked "Only Special Needs Pets."

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  1. That is so true that deaf pets sure aren't any different that normal pets. I had a deaf dog once but she went deaf and so knew her way around. And she knew to follow me everywhere when we were outside. Great post. Thanks for getting the word out.