Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hero Dogs of 9/11

This post is dedicated to the 2,976 people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

One of the most moving parts of BlogPaws 2012 was watching Hero Dogs of 9/11. This video documentary was produced by Kenn Bell and broadcast on Animal Planet.

Hero Dogs of 9/11 reveals how the hard work of search and rescue dogs and their handlers proved invaluable in the effort to find the survivors at Ground Zero. Here is Episode #11:


  1. Today NYC is cooly lit by a distant but boldly bright sun. Identical to how it was THAT day.

    We walk briskly in our new fall shoes, clad in the lightweight jackets of the season. Everyone's hair looks good. People are walking their dogs with purposeful steps. There is energy in the air. The dogs feel it too.

    But summer leaves still cling gamely to the trees, poised to fall and die.

    They will.

    REMEMBER 9/11/01
    The people. The animals. The loss.

    1. It's amazing how similar today is to THAT day - same day of the week, same clear blue sky. It was a glorious day before the crashes. Now it is a memory that is forever etched into our minds.

  2. What I love about service dogs is that so many of them are rescue dogs, right from the shelters.

  3. TW is crying like a baby so we can't watch the other one at the end. We have a stuffed service dog. Part of the proceeds went to search and rescue dogs. He's the only dog allowed in the house besides Snoopy, who TW has the "thing" about.

    TW thought the same thing about how similar today was to that day.

    1. Oh wow, what a great idea to buy a stuffed service dog where the proceeds to to S&R. We'd buy one for sure!

  4. I saw this earlier today and cried the whole way through. It's not just the fine work the dogs do, but the relationships among the people and the dogs, and how devoted they are to each other that is so touching, and part of what's important about the work itself.

    It took me years to write a brief poem.

    September 12

    Today looks no different from yesterday
    but against the backdrop of a blue September sky
    we will now remember the loss of our innocence.

    1. Thank you for sharing Bernadette. It's so hard for me to watch any program about 9/11. This one, which was shown in its entirety at Blogpaws, shows not only how the dogs helped find the victims and survivors, but also how they provided comfort to the first responders. It's a true testament to the human-animal bond.