Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Do It Duo for Pets" Helping Pets Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

Via PRWeb - Two fifth grade students, Lucy Miles and Alexandra Dompier, of Columbus, NJ have created an outreach program to help the injured and displaced pets affected by Hurricane Sandy, which smashed through the Jersey Shore at the end of October.

“About a week after the storm during a sleep-over,” said Mary Miles, Lucy's mom, “Alex wondered, ‘everyone is helping the people, but what happens to the pets?’”

Alex's mom Rhoda helped by researching local shelters' needs and creating a wish list. Then Alex and Lucy began soliciting friends, neighbors and relatives for animal food and supplies to donate to the shelters housing displaced pets. Within 24 hours the pair had a full Chevy Suburban.

On November 12, the girls, clad in matching “Do It Duo” t-shirts, dropped off their inventory of donations to Seer Farms in Jackson, NJ and AHS Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey, NJ. The girls began a Facebook page to solicit more donations and allow people to see where their donations were being sent.

Their first drop off is described on their Facebook page:

“Today we delivered 266 pounds of dry dog food; 55.5 pounds of dry cat food; 39 cans of wet dog food; 123 cans of wet cat food; 190 ounces of disinfectant; three gallons of bleach; 64 ounces of kitten formula; three litter boxes; 22 ounces of bird seed, two lbs of gerbil and hampster [sic] food, three pounds of rabbit food, 160 disinfectant wipes, two cases of paper towels; blankets; towels; treats; toys; collars; and leashes to two shelters for the hurricane pets.”

Four days later the girls attended the Meadowlands Pet Expo hoping to hand out some flyers and spread the word about their mission of mercy. There they met Detective Larry Donato with the NJSPCA and an alliance began. They continued to collect and distribute supplies to various shelters with his help and to date have donated almost one TON of goods.

Their mission continues to pick up momentum. Their Facebook page shows over 500 "likes" and many supporters. They ask "Do You want to be a Do It? Then Do It! And Donate Now."

Next week they will present Detective Donato and the NJSPCA with a $500 check to rebuild a trailer lost in Seaside Heights during the storm. And they will also become Junior Members of their local SPCA. There is no stopping these young enterprising girls.

For more information, check out their Facebook Page "Do It Duo For Pets" or email them at hurricanepets (at) hotmail (dot) com.


  1. What a great program! Those little girls are to be commended for their incredible caring

  2. Nice to see caring kids like these two

  3. Two very beautiful people on the earth. It's very inspiring to see the enthusiasm of the younger generation. The very best of luck to them.