Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finding Your Purpose in Life with the Help of Your Animal Companion

This video was created by Judy Fridono, pet parent of Surf Dog Riccochet. In the description, she states, “Animals come into our lives to teach us powerful life lessons. The secret is listening with your heart. They will guide you to your life purpose as they impart their wisdom upon you with no words needed, in a language left unspoken.”

Judy has a degree in assistance dog training, and she is the founder of a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning Program, which focuses on puppies from birth through 8 weeks of age as their brains are developing.

Riccochet, one of the dogs in the program, was slated to be a service dog, but she developed too much chase drive so her role went from service dog to SURFice dog, and she's now raising funds and awareness for human/animal causes through the Puppy Prodigies program.

Riccochet is the only known dog in the world who surfs with children with special needs and people with a disability as an assistive aid. She has raised over $300,000 for human/animal causes and 1 million bowls of food. Her video went viral on YouTube and has more than 4 million views.

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