Saturday, April 20, 2013

PetSmart Charities shares spay/neuter benefits for pets

We all know that spay/neuter is one of the best ways to prevent unplanned births and reduce the current pet homelessness population. But a new study by researchers at the University of Georgia has found that spayed/neutered dogs lived an average of a year and a half longer than dogs that were not spayed or neutered. The full study can be read here.

In addition to these findings, PetSmart Charities also wants to get the word out about the many benefits of spay/neuter that people might not know, such as:*

Reduced aggression: Cats and dogs that have been spayed/neutered are less aggressive than unaltered pets, meaning fewer fights, less risk of contracting contagious diseases and lower vet bills.

Wandering: Pets that aren’t fixed are more likely to stray away from home in search of a mate. Spaying and neutering reduces this urge, keeping your pet close to home and out of harm’s way.

Less marking: Dogs and cats mark with urine when they are trying to “claim” their territory—like your couch. After a spay/neuter operation, pets become less territorial, and this behavior decreases dramatically.

Fewer health problems: Pets that have been fixed are less likely to develop mammary and reproductive cancers, as well as some potentially fatal infections. And, there’s evidence that the earlier it’s done, the better.

*Source: Dr. Philip Bushby, veterinarian and professor of shelter medicine at Mississippi State University

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