Friday, May 24, 2013

Favorite Video Friday: Okla. tornado survivor finds dog buried alive under rubble

Okay, it's true - I'm a sucker for videos that make me cry. So grab a box a tissues and watch as Barbara Garcia, a survivor of the massive tornado in Oklahoma, finds her dog during a TV interview.

Mrs. Garcia was standing among the twisted wreckage of her home as she was interviewed about her experiences by a reporter from CBS.

"I was sitting on the stool holding my dog," she said. "This was the game plan all through the years, to go in that little bathroom. I rolled around a little bit and when it stopped I was right there and that stove cooker is what I saw.

"I never lost consciousness and I hollered for my little dog and he didn't answer, he didn't come, so I know he's in here somewhere."

But as she spoke, a member of the camera crew spotted a dog's head poking out of the twisted remains of her home.

Mrs. Garcia is seen crouching down before exclaiming with joy as she spots her pet.

"Well I thought God just answered one prayer to let me be okay but he answered both of them," she said, before being led away from the ruins with her dog.

Source: Sky News HD


  1. This is just fantastic it just gives us all a bit of hope in sad times

  2. I'm so glad her little dog was okay!