Thursday, June 20, 2013

Better Way Project helps make a difference in the lives of pets and their people

Via PR Newswire - Have you ever had an idea to help make life better for pets, but didn't have the resources to make it a reality?

Canyon Creek Ranch, a line of natural pet food, knows that many pet lovers desire to provide the best lives possible for four-legged companions in their communities, including helping local dog and cat charities, but may lack the funding and support needed to make a difference.

That's why Canyon Creek Ranch has launched the Better Way Project, an initiative to help create a future that is happier, brighter and more positive for pets.

Whether it's creating a mobile vet clinic for underserved communities, building a playground for shelter animals, or starting an online network for lost pets, Canyon Creek Ranch is seeking ideas that are innovative, make a positive impact on pets, pet owners and their communities and are practical to implement.

Pet lovers can visit to submit, share and support ideas, some of which may be used as inspiration for projects that the brand will bring to life.

Canyon Creek Ranch has committed a minimum of $200,000 in 2013 to bring up to eight Better Way Projects to life. In addition to providing financial support, the brand may provide on-the-ground volunteers, product donations and other materials, depending on the scope of the project.

In 2012, Canyon Creek Ranch completed three Better Way projects: adding dog-friendly features to a public park in Orlando, FL; making a monetary donation to a dog therapy program in Iowa City, IA to help recruit new therapy teams; and renovating the cat area of a shelter in Salem, MA to create more open play areas.

Pet lovers across the country are invited to share their ideas to enhance the lives of pets in their communities on

Submissions must include a name for the project idea; a written description of the idea, including the inspiration, how it is innovative and will help the lives of pets in your community; and either a link to a video (posted to YouTube or Vimeo) or up to five photos illustrating the project idea. Either a video and/or at least one photo are required for each idea submitted.

Once a project idea is posted on the Canyon Creek Ranch Better Way Project website, other pet lovers will be able to show their support for an idea by clicking a "Support" button and sharing the project idea via a "Share" widget on their social media channels.

Ideas will be considered by the Canyon Creek Ranch brand as inspiration for a project it will bring to life through funding, volunteers and additional resources. For more information about Canyon Creek Ranch's Better Way Project, or to view current project ideas, please visit

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  1. Aren't these the same people who sold so many contaminated chicken jerky treats? Yes, they are. : (