Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Merck Animal Health HomeAgain announces Hero of the Year Award winner

Via PRNewswire - HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service, a product from Merck Animal Health, has announced Theresa Strader, founder of Colorado-based National Mill Dog Rescue, as the winner of its Hero of the Year Award. She was chosen because of her outstanding dedication to companion animals and the significant impact she has made in her community.

As founder of National Mill Dog Rescue, Strader has rescued nearly 8,000 dogs from puppy mills across the United States. Not only does she save the dogs, but also rehabilitates and finds homes for them across the country.

Dedicated to creating a greater awareness of the commercial dog breeding industry and advocating for animals in need, Strader uses social media and speaking engagements, as well as educational programs and materials, to get her message out. In honor of her service and commitment to companion animal health and welfare, HomeAgain will make a $10,000 donation in her name to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

"Our communities are filled with people who make a difference in the lives of animals but so many of their efforts go unsung," said Linda Block, marketing director for HomeAgain.

"HomeAgain is proud to be able to recognize Strader and help shed a light on the tremendous animal well-being efforts being carried out every day throughout our country. Strader is an outstanding example of the impact one person can make on the lives of animals, and we are honored to call her a hero."

Strader one of five finalists, was selected as the winner by a public vote conducted on the HomeAgain website. The four remaining finalists will each have a donation of $1,000 made in their name to one of the following animal organizations: Petfinder Foundation, Winn Feline Foundation, Assistance Dogs International or Morris Animal Foundation.

"It truly humbles me to know that I was chosen to be the recipient of this very generous award in the company of such wonderful, dedicated people," said Theresa Strader. "The work is tireless and never-ending but the rewards we reap in animal rescue are unparalleled."

The national HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service reunites more than 10,000 lost pets with their families each month and has brought more than one million lost pets home. Once enrolled, a pet's microchip is registered in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database for its lifetime and members receive additional services such as Lost Pet Posters and Alerts, a 24/7 Pet Emergency Hotline and travel reimbursement of up to $500 for dogs or cats found more than 500 miles from home.

For more information, visit www.homeagain.com.

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