Friday, January 31, 2014

Pet Kept Secrets offers a few tips for pet safety during Super Bowl Parties

Via PRWeb - The end of the football season is upon us. For many fans, this marks a sad time of the year when football will be off of television for six months.

However, the world is given one last great Sunday which is usually engulfed in parties and get-togethers. Pet Kept Secrets, a new pet-related social network, pet point-of-interest and pet business search tool, has a few tips to keep pets happy and healthy during Super Bowl parties.

For those fans that are going to have a Super Bowl party, it is always best to keep a pet separated from parties. Many people are unfamiliar with pets and do not know things that would seem standard about how to act around pets.

To eliminate concerns about guests leaving food around that a pet could get, guests feeding pets food that might be bad for them, guests scaring your pet or any of the other concerns that come with pet ownership, try to put your pets in another room before your guests arrive.

This will also help pets cope with stress that comes from lots of unknown people invading their territory. Just be sure to leave pets with their favorite toy, an article of clothing or something with a family member's scent and possibly some treats.

If separating pets is not an option, be sure to closely monitor your pets. Watch any pets and be sure that they are not getting into any food that is left out, getting fed by guests, getting anxious because of all the people, or getting into any adult beverages or soda.

Be sure to closely monitor pets whenever guests are around for the safety of both pets and people. Also if any issues arise, check out the new Pet Kept Secrets for a simple pet services search where users can find emergency veterinary hospitals, veterinarians, trainers, pet supply stores, breeders, adoption centers, and other pet-related businesses.

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  1. Hmmm, no Super Bowl parties here. But I'd probably put my guests in a back room so the dog didn't have to move from her favorite couch. :)

    But you're right. People do love to feed strange dogs without thinking. And don't get me started on the beer.