Saturday, May 31, 2014

Banfield Pet Hospital embarks on hurricane preparedness tour

Via PR Newswire - With the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season bearing down on the Northeast, beginning June 1, Banfield Pet Hospital and American Humane Association will mobilize its new, 50-foot Red Star emergency rescue vehicle to ensure pet owners and their pets are prepared to weather the storms ahead.

As evidenced by the thousands of pets displaced in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, natural disasters and weather events can be a serious threat to pets that may become injured or lost in the destruction and chaos. 

Banfield Pet Hospital and the American Humane Association will embark on a tour of the Northeast, beginning at the Jersey Shore in Holmdel, N.J. on June 3, followed by Philadelphia on June 5 and ending in Washington D.C. on June 9, offering free emergency preparedness clinics for pet owners as well as tours of the Red Star truck.

As predicted by top forecasters at Colorado State University, the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, which spans June 1 through November 30, is expected to include nine tropical storms; of which, at least three are expected to develop into hurricanes.

“As a practice, Banfield strongly believes that preventive veterinary care is the best medicine," said Dr. George Melillo, Northeast regional medical director for Banfield. "In the case of hurricanes and other natural disasters, preventive care comes in the form of preparation.”

“Our veterinary professionals are excited to partner with American Humane Association and go on tour in key locations, raising awareness of the steps pet owners can take to prepare, and the services available to them to ensure the safety of pets during weather-related events.”

During each tour stop, local pet owners will be invited to join veterinarians from Banfield Pet Hospital and the Red Star Emergency Services team from American Humane Association to learn helpful tips and tactics to ensure pets' safety if ever displaced or lost in a disaster, as well as what to do in the case of an emergency or injury, including the following:

  • Getting pets microchipped is a must - it is the fastest way to be reunited with a pet should s/he become separated during a natural disaster. The first 25 attendees at each clinic will receive a voucher good for a free microchip for their pet.
  • Have a pet carrier or crate available for each pet in the family - familiarize pets with the crate ahead of time in case they need to be transported on short notice. 
  • Create a small disaster kit for pets - include a week's supply of food and water, medications, a leash and a toy. 

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