Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lost My Doggie

sum of mai twitter pals aren't anipals - dey iz tweeps who work fur organizations dat helps anipals. @LostMyDoggie iz a lost pet recovery service dat helps to locate missing dogs, cats, birds, and ofur pets. Peeps use der web site to enter da information bout der missing pet, which gets tweeted and den retweeted by der followers. dis iz a bunderful service fur concerned pet owners, and der lifetime recovery rate is over 67%!


  1. Wow - dat's a pretty high percentage recovered. Guess I'd better sign up for their site and do my bit.

  2. just follows dem on twitter and RT the posts. efurry lil bit helps!

  3. There's also findtoto.com. You can find them on FB, Twitter, myspace and the web. They charge a fee but they even call all your neighbors to alert them that your cat/dog is missing.