Saturday, January 2, 2010


anofur speshul twitter pal iz @ConfuciusCat, who leads hiz twitter and FB furends in purrs4peace. Fur da past 30 weeks, CC haz helped us to focus pawsitive energy on helping anipals and der hoomans overcome various problems. This week, we are focusing on the practice of chaining dogs, which can result in abuse or neglect. Please join us for 3 minutes of purrs4peace on Sunday, January 3rd at 3:00 pm EST.P


  1. Thanks for the reminder. It's good of you to help @ConfusciusCat get the word out. See you at 3pm. I've never heard a bunny purrrrr. I'll listen for that today. HEE HEE.


  2. Awww. Thank you for your help with the Purrs 4 Peace project. You are always so sweet to me. I love your new blog. Look forward to following. xo