Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shorty Pawpawty

as many of u nose, we haf several anipals in da running fur Shorty Awards. dez awards r like da Oscars fur twitter, and @frugaldougal, @bztat, and @VAStateParks (@Yoda_the_dog's mom) r finalists in da following official categories - #nonprofit, #art, and #government. @ZackRabbit iz also leading in da #awesome category.

da anipals r always looking fur a gud reason to pawty and to help ofur anipals. so tomorrow, we will be havin a spechul Shorty Pawpawty frum 3-9pm EST to help da Glowno Animal Asylum in Poland, which iz in dire need becuz of da extremely cold weather der. pls join us tomorrow to help push our furends on to victory in da Shorty Awards and to help da anipals in need!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for all your help and support in the Shorty Awards! HUUUUUUGS! xoxo