Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sanjee and George

today i wud like to highlight two spechul pals - Sanjee the cat and George the duck. i met Sanjee when she came to twitter in June 2009. she lives in a house in Furrginia wif four ofur kittehs known as da House of Mostly Black Cats aka HotMBC. one of mai first memories of Sanjee iz at a pawpawty when mai tweets weren't being picked up by Tweetgrid. she patiently retweeted each and efurry one of dem through mai two hour dj set so dat efurryone cud see dem!

George iz a catnip ducky at da House of Mostly Black Cats. dat sounds like a dangerous job to me, but he claims to be da boss of all dem kittehs. George luvs to go on adventures and talk bout dem in hiz bloggy. he iz also well known among da anipals fur he barktending and dj skills. George haz been mai personal stylist fur many pawpawties helping me to find just da rite fing to wear!

u can follow both Sanjee and George on twitter and on der bloggies!

Note: Sanjee the Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 1, 2013


  1. Bunny... thanks for sharing the info about your furriends. I know I follow George, but I'm gonna look up to make sure I follow Sanjee the cat..



  2. OMC, fank yoo Bunny Jeen! I a'member dat pawty. I wuz happy to helps :) purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

  3. I am up to the dangerous job! QOL Thank you Bunny Jean *ducky hugs*

  4. How lovely BunnyJean George, Sanjee & the Hotties are some of the best anipals around and it's wonderful how so many friends are there for them today

  5. Purrrr What a bery sweet remembrance of dear Sanjee!

  6. What a lovely post, BJ - didn't know that about Sanjee RT'ing for you! Thanks for sharing :-)