Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shibbering Cheetos

haf u heard about da Shibbering Cheetos - der an anipal band dat plays fur charity events! @mattiedog iz da singer & plays guitar. @trailerparkdogs iz on drums & keyboards. @brutusthedane plays bass guitar. da Cheetoettes are @MissBusyBiz and @no_crybaby_dogs, and dey r assisted by @Niqqi. da head roadie iz @tigerthepup, who iz assisted by intern roadie @thebrindledog. da Shibbering Cheetos r managed by @hankthedoggy, and of course, dey need to haf sekurity, which iz provided by Winston of @PushUpsnPaws. dey r one cool group of anipals rockin' da world one charity at a time! u can follow dem on twitter or der website.


  1. They are becoming quite famous! My girl Muffin wants to paint her bedroom orange and is panting in anticipation of the new poster! BOL!!

  2. They are going to have a Gold record soon. BJ, maybe you'll need to be their agent!