Sunday, April 18, 2010

BrewskieButt and Bztat

today's spechul twitter pals are two of mai "oldest" furends on twitter. i first met @BrewskieButt when i came on twitter over a year ago. Brew wuz one of da first anipals dat mom and i met, and we haf stayed up late many a nite talkin to him. as many of u nose, Brew iz da spokescat fur hiz mom @Bztat. Bz is quite da talented artist, and mai mom went to visit her studio in da fall. her pet art iz just fabulous, and mom haz promised dat she will get a portrait made of me! You can check out her art on her website, and you can follow both BrewskieButt and Bztat on twitter and facebook.


  1. Thx fur the meow out Bunny! Have enjoyed yer friendship in so many places, and BZTAT is excited about doin' her very first bunny portrait!

    The Brew

  2. woohooo it's Brew!
    Can't wait to see you BJDJ on Bztat's canvas! *woof*