Monday, April 26, 2010

Nip and Bones

anofur one of da peeps dat mai mom got to meet at BlogPaws wuz BabyPatches momma. her momma iz a reely cool lady who wuz der to speak at da Better Business Blogging session. She owns an online pet supply business called NipandBones, and Baby Patches iz da chief kit and product tester. how cool iz dat? Baby Patches wuzn't der - altho i hear she went out fur a moonlight ride wif Brewskie Butt. Just don't tell Rumblepurr or Perry The Birman! u can follows NipandBones on twitter, facebook or der website.


  1. he he - I won't breathe a word of it to either the Birmaan or Rumblepurr. Mum is the word.

  2. ACK!!! Bunny Jean!! I thought you were on my side!!!! *MOL*

  3. OMC! Dat is my momma wif me on da back of her shirt MOL

    Momma says thanks you for da wonderfur post about her and Nip and Bones

    I gots you in my list to be sures to follows your bloggie now my furriend!


  4. Hehehehehehe....Eat yer heart out Rrrrummmbles...

    The Brew