Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anipal Academy Awards

haf u heard about da anipal academy awards? da concept wuz da brainchild of @Autumnthedoxie and wuz brought to life wif da assistance of @TheNascarKitty and a whole committee of ofur anipals. der will an awards ceremony recognizing anipals in lots of fun categories - Most Creative, Coolest Avatar, Coolest Human, Most Likely to Take Over da World, Coolest Cat, Coolest Dog, Coolest Newbie, and Coolest Other Anipal (non cat/dog). der are also Anipal Choice categories: Favorite Anipal, Giggle Instigator and Favorite Blogger. so go to da polls and vote fur ur faves - if u don't see ur bff already nominated, u can writes dem in! der will be lots of news in da coming weeks about da nominees and stuffs, so follow da Anipal Academy Awards on twitter and der bloggy so u can stay current on wats happening!

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