Sunday, May 2, 2010

Java the Cat

today's spechul pal iz twitter's hostest wif da mostest - Java the Cat. dis luvly lady iz an Ocicat whose full name is Cat-O-Nine-Cups-O-Java! she iz well known on twitter as da proprietor of Jaba Jazz Bar and eCafe - da place fur eats and drinks during pawpawties, and she also runs da shop fur pawpawty souvenirs. so stop by fur a cuppa java at da next pawty and say hai to da lady behind da bar! u can follow Java on twitter, catster, and her website.


  1. Bunny Jean! Thanks so much fur spotlighting me! It's soooo much fun to have pals like you who work sooo hard to help other anipals. The #pawpawties make it fun to do good. It is neat to be an entrepurrneur! Some day us anipals will take over the world and there will be no anipals left behind!

  2. Thanks so much for highlighting Java. She does so much great work for all the parties with all the wonderful menus.